How to Use Space under the Stairs

Most homeowners leave the space under the stairs unattended, and the area is crumpled with unnecessary items that disorganize the whole area. Contrary to what people think, the space under the stairs is as vital as the rest of the house and should get attention like others. There are numerous ideas as to what one can use this space for, and the best part is that they are cost-effective ideas.

Let’s learn about the different ideas for the space under the stairs.

  • Design a cozy reading area

If you love reading and have no space to fit a reading nook in your bedroom, you can use the area under your stairs. The under-the-stairs space ideas for a reading nook are multiple but adding cushions and lighting to the space enables you to achieve this. You can also build shelves to store a few books in.

  • Room divider

A room divider tops the list for the ultimate modern under-the-stairs ideas as it enables you to add value to the house. You can use the space under the stairs to create a storage area and a mini bar if you have a large stairway This is one of the under the stairs storage ideas that can be a focal point in the house for entertaining guests.

  • Shoe storage

An under stairs storage accessory is perfect for that space that no one seems to need. People fetish to shoes or want to find extra space for storing their footwear can use this space to preserve their many shoes. This way, your shoes are not disorganized, and with the under stairs space ideas, you can make the shoe organizer more useful in other ways.

  • Playroom

The ideas for space under stairs are innumerable as there is much to do with it. If you have kids, you can use this space to create a one-of-a-kind playroom for them. Doing this keeps you away from picking toys in your living room where your children have dispersed them.

The under stairs ideas in the living room mean your kids have the perfect way to keep track of their toys as they can always know where they are whenever they think they have misplaced them.


Do not let the space under the stairs sit around when there is much you can do with it and end up adding value to your house. Make it whatever you please, and enjoy getting quality storage for different things and a quiet place for you to read your favorite books.